Dan Dan Myun, option 1

What you need

2 cloves garlic
2 tbspn ya cai
1/2 tbspn (dark) soy sauce
(optional) 1/2 tbspn light soy sauce
1 tbspn chiankiang vinegar
1 tbspn sesame oil
2 tbspn schichuan chili oil
(try adding some other chili oil too)

2 scallions
some peanuts
Whatever else (chilis, onions, celery)

How to do it

Get water started boiling for noodles, and add spaghetti when appropriate.

While that's heating up/cooking, chop peanuts, and cook them in dry skillet for a bit until they've browned. Remove. Chop garlic fine-ish. Fry in peanut oil with ya cai, stirring constantly, for 30 seconds - 1 minute (you want the garlic to be just about to brown). Remove. Chop scallions.

Put garlic and ya cai in a bowl with all the oils and sauces etc. Add finished noodles. Put peanuts and scallions on top. Mix and eat.

Option 2 (still needs some work)


1/4 tblspn sesame paste
1/2 tblspn light soy sauce
1/2 tblspn dark soy sauce
~1/2 tblspn chiankiang vinegar
1tspn crushed sichuan pepper
1/2 tblspn chili oil

to fry
(optional: a tiny bit of meat)
2 tblspn ya cai
5 scallion whites
1/2 tspn sichuan pepper
1 thai chili

Mix sauce. Get noodles going. While they cook, fry the "to fry" stuff lightly. Mix it all together at the end.

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