What you need

Klamata olives (4 ounces?)
Garlic (1 clove)
Olive oil
Lime (1/4)
Tomato (1 roma sized)
Aluminum foil
Fork or mortar&pestle or blender

How to do it

Make a little dish out of aluminum foil. Take a (small) clove of garlic and cut it into little pieces. Put them into the dish. Cover with olive oil. Put in the toaster at 400 until the garlic turns mostly brown and crunchy on the outside.

While that is going on, take roughly (probably a tad less) half of a tall (~10 oz) jar of olives (this should be about enough olives to fill a small jam jar, before you chop them). Cut them into little pieces (like fourths or so). Then grind them up with mortal and pestle or fork (mortar and pestle way easier; try blender?). Crush them until they are a gross looking paste. Alternately, blend them (took maybe 2 quick pulses (tap side between) and one 2 second pulse). Then put them into the jar.

Crush garlic into paste and put it and the olive oil in which it was roasted into the jar with olives (easier if you blend the garlic with olives).

Cut a roma sized tomato in half and squeeze the juice from both halves in with the olives and garlic. Don't use anything other than the juice and seeds. Add the juice from one quarter of one lime.

Mix in jar.

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