Spaghetti Carbonara

What you need

4-6 oz spaghetti
2 pieces bacon
(or 1-2 tblspn fermented black beans)
1 egg
black pepper
Cheddar cheese
2 cloves garlic
Splash of white wine or rose (optional)

How to do it

Start some water boiling. While waiting for it to boil, start doing the rest of the stuff below, but keep an eye on it and add the spaghetti when it starts boiling.

Mince garlic. Chop bacon into small pieces. Cook bacon over med/high heat. Once it's almost done, add garlic. Or if you are doing the vegetarian option, put garlic and black beans in together, cook until garlic starts browning (fairly quick), then take out.

While bacon is cooking, put egg into bowl, beat a little, then grate cheese over egg. You should have about as much cheese as egg, roughly. Add pepper and mix.

At some point, the garlic and bacon will be good to go. Remove from pan, but keep pan over heat with as much bacon grease in it as you can. Add splash of wine and cook for a bit (I have no idea how long, but it won't be too long because the spaghetti should be almost done by now anyway).

When spaghetti is done, strain, then immediately dump into pan with bacon grease in it, which should be off heat now. Mix for a second, then dump the egg and cheese on it and bacon and garlic. Mix for a little bit; the egg should get a little white but it won't look like scrambled eggs or anything.

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