Ong Choy Stems

What you need

Ong choy stems (1 bunch)
3 cloves garlic
1 habanero
3 dried red chilis
1 tblspn (heaping) fermented black bean
1/2 tblspn rice vinegar
1 tblspn sesame oil
1 tblspn soy sauce
1/2 tspn salt
Peanut oil

How to do it

Chop garlic coarsely, chop habanero finely, put in bowl with black bean. Chop stems into 1/2 inch pieces.
Break red chilis into small pieces and put in peanut oil while it heats up. When oil is hot, add bowl of garlic, chilis, black bean. Stir for ~15 seconds. Add stems. Add vinegar. Stir and cook for maybe 1 minute or so (each a few to see when it's done). Remove from heat. Add salt, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Let sit for a little.

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