Espinacas con garbanzos

- roast 4 plum tomatoes in toaster (20 min 400 degrees) [roughly 1.5 normal sized tomatoes per 1 can garbanzos] or
- open 1 can of roast diced tomatoes

(if using onion, chop now)

chop 2+ garlics

gather spices: 1 tspn paprika, pinch red pepper, 1 tspn cumin, 1 tspn oregno, pinch nutmeg, pinch cinnamon

wilt spinach (1 pkg?) [maybe 2 big handfuls; one pan full]
chop (not if baby spinach)
(optional: leave out spinach)

(optional: cook the onion in olive oil)

cook garlic w/ olive oil, add spices

chop and add tomatoes, cook 5 min or until reduced

add chickpeas w/ the liquid from their can and spinach

add pinch sugar, salt to taste

add 2 tspn red wine or sherry vinegar (can soak some raw crushed garlic in this if you want) [maybe only 1 tspn needed]

cook for another couple minutes