Chinese Potato Stir Fry

What you need

New white potato (one for one person)
Garlic (maybe 3 cloves)
Hot chilis (2 or 3 serrano)
Onions (1/3 red/white/yellow onion, or a bunch of green (w/o green part)
Sesame oil
Salt (.5 tspn)
Soy sauce (1 tablespoon)
Chinkaing Vinegar (1 tablespoon)
Sugar (pinch)

How to do it
Slice potato very fine (2nd finest setting on mandoline), then chop slices into matchsticks. Put all this into cold water so it doesn't oxidate. Chop chilis, onions, and garlic. Fry garlic in sesame oil until almost brown (6 of 9 heat). Mix sugar, soy sauce, and vinegar in a bowl. Fry onions with garlic until almost transparent. Throw in chilis and potatoes. Fry until potatoes feel right to eat (still a bit crunchy, takes like a minute). Salt while frying, and stir constantly. When potatoes ready, pour mixture over them (to taste -- might not use all of it).

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