What you need

1.5 lb of fish
8-10 (juicy) limes
8-10 (juicy) lemons
4 tomatoes
1 med red onion
2-4 jalapenos
Glass casserole dish
Saran wrap

How to do it

Juice all lemons and limes. You'll want something like 3 cups total of juice, maybe a bit more.

Chop the fish into smallish thininsh chunks (at most 1/4 inch thick, I'd say) (debone if necessary).

Put fish into casserole dish. Cover with juice. Make sure there is enough juice to totally cover all fish. Cover with saran wrap and let sit overnight (in refrigerator, I guess). Sometime in the morning, stir. Let sit some more (total sitting time should be at least 12 hours, and more in the 20 ballpark).

About two hours before serving, chop tomatoes, onion, and jalapenos finely. Mix in with fish.

Fish that work

So far I've tried red snapper, tilapia, catfish and I think cod (but not sure about that last one).

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